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It seems increasingly common in these days of instant long distance communications, that my clients know me only as a voice on the phone and by the artwork in their inbox. I’d like to share with you a little more information to bridge the distance gap.

My small business, Pat Thomas Medical Illustration, was established in 1973. Details of my business career can be seen in my résumé. I have been privileged to be the sole illustrator on nine texts and a contributing illustrator for several others. For the past 20 years my primary work has been producing medical legal exhibits. I have worked both defense and plaintiff cases including many high profile trials resulting in multi-million dollar awards. My office is centrally located in the Midwest with most of my clients in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison, WI.

I’ve earned and maintained the designation of Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI). The software company Corel, features me as one of their “Painter™ Masters.” I also have served as an adjunct clinical assistant professor in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois Chicago.

In 2006-2007 I was privileged to serve as President of the Association of Medical Illustrators. I have previously served as the Association’s secretary, chaired numerous committees and have received the distinction of Fellow for my contributions.  I recently completed two terms on the Board of Trustees for the Vesalius Trust, an organization that provides educational funding for visual communications in the health sciences.

Feel free to contact me with your questions and comments. Phone: 708-927-0277

Client Endorsements

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“Pat Thomas is, without exception, the finest medical illustrator with whom I have worked in over 38 years of defending physicians and hospitals at jury trials. In addition to the remarkable quality of her illustrations, Ms. Thomas has a keen awareness of the importance of a clearly presented image which explains the anatomy and pathology to the court and jury. Ms. Thomas works directly with expert witnesses to ensure that her illustrations are scientifically accurate, fair and intelligible. It has been my personal experience that our jury trial judges and our opposing counsel have been most complimentary of the quality and demonstrative value of illustrations that Ms. Thomas has prepared for over 25 years. Simply stated, Pat Thomas is my go-to person for medical illustrations.” Francis R. Petrek, Jr. Esq., Chicago, Illinois

“Pat Thomas, our world-class medical illustrator, prepared the Exhibit that won the case, that’s all.” Thomas H Ryerson, Clausen Miller PC

“In over 20 years as a medical malpractice defense attorney, Pat is without question the best medical illustrator with whom I’ve worked.  She consistently produces high-quality work in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.  Her assets include unparalleled medical knowledge, creativity, flexibility and work ethic.  Her custom illustrations tailored to each case allow me to explain complex medical concepts to a jury in an accurate and understandable manner.  She is one of the first people I speak with as I begin to prepare for an upcoming trial.  She has become an invaluable part of my trial preparation and trial strategy. ” Anthony Pinto, partner Donahue Brown Mathewson & Smyth

“Pat is highly skilled in tackling difficult issues and producing exhibits that allow our concepts to be easily explained to a lay jury. I would recommend Pat to anyone facing a medical issue requiring illustrations beyond what is available in standard illustration books.” Michael Prangle, partner at Hall Prangle Schoonveld

“Words cannot describe how impressed I am with the work you have done on [three personal injury cases]. It is beyond amazing.” Rick Levin, partner at Levin, Riback Law Group

“Pat has created beautiful and creative images of anything from veins and arteries to intricate medical organs. Her artwork adorns my offices as I have kept 8 x 10 exhibits from the trial and framed them. Additionally, her work is exceptionally and reasonably priced. I cannot wait to see what she’ll do on the next trial when I need her.” Mark Lura, partner at Anderson Rasor & Partners

“Pat Thomas is truly exceptional to work with, and is an invaluable and accomplished resource for any litigator who needs to teach the medicine of a case, or convey the nature of injuries and medical procedures to jurors. Her wealth of medical knowledge and her years of experience working with attorneys and their experts developing demonstratives for litigation provides her clients with custom medical exhibits that are outstanding.
I have been privileged and have had the great fortune to have worked with Pat as a colleague since 2003, and she has gained an extremely loyal following of clients over the years who refuse to go to trial without her assistance.” Liz Reid, trial graphics consultant

“I just wanted to let you know that your illustrations were material in maximizing Ms. [plaintiff’s] recovery. We settled her claims for $2.4 million dollars last week, and she is very happy that the matter is done and that she will receive fair compensation for her injuries.” Patrick L. Provenzale, partner at Ekl Williams & Provenzale LLC

Certified Medical Illustrator

Association of Medical Illustrators